8 thoughts on “New Bedford Guide: Teachers Rally at City Hall (17 Jan, 2014)

  1. Jon Mitchell is a whining cry baby. When Mitchell could not speak at OUR rally, he called WBSM to complain. Phil Paleologos, New Bedford's biggest bum kisser, was more than happy to take his call. It was another opportunity for teacher bashing. I support Lou's decision to not have the mayor speak. Mitchell would have been mocked and ridiculed.


  2. Why does Mitchell have the expectation to speak at the rally? The rally was planned over a period of two months. He sends a staffer up on the afternoon of the rally and expects to be given a speaking slot?This from the man who is like Roland Freisler in the manner he polices what little public comment is allowed at the tail end of school committee meetings? The man who threatened arrest at the innovation schools vote if anyone spoke out of their turn?I used to have no real problem with Mitchell, just several differences of opinion. Now I see the concerns of the city council and others. There is a real mendacity there, a real clear dishonesty in how he, Ari Sky and Neil Melo operate. They assume they are the smartest guys in the room and can manipulate every scenario to their advantage. This is why they lied to the press about the city council raise and why they planned the WBSM call yesterday. I am sure many others in city government have tales like these. Now is the time to tell about them publicly. As Clr. Jane Goncalves said “I don't think it's necessary that we all go to Harvard in City Hall.” Dont get me wrong, the Ivy League cabinet may well be the smartest but that can only get you so far. It will get you effusive praise from Jack Spillane, Bob Unger and Steve Urbon but can't trump the sight of 300 ordinary individuals who practice the most highly respected profession in the US standing outside your office. You have to have integrity and honesty. Mayor Lang had that in spades. Joe Lopes is a straight shooter too. Unfortunately, I don't think they will learn the lesson and change their approach. They may well get worse. We should keep that in mind.


  3. Teachers are lifelong learners. These “Ivy League” types seemed to have stopped learning on their last day of classes. Remember, a whole group of Harvard grads (and at least one professor) could not explain why the earth experiences the seasons accurately.


  4. I attended the rally yesterday and was proud to stand with my union brothers and sisters in solidarity. I only wish that ALL NBEA members would have been there. I woke up this morning to listen to a news clip on WBSM from Mayor Jon Mitchell stating that “Lou St. John has met with past superintendents but refuses to meet with Superintendent Durkin”. I reflect back on the blog byline NBEA Statement: Let's set the record straight which appeared on Saturday 1/4/14. “The Mayor’s statement could leave readers with the impression that there is no dialogue between the NBEA and the administration. This is absolutely untrue. We have met numerous times with Dr. Durkin and other members of the Central Administration to discuss our members' concerns.” So, what is going on? Lou… This needs to be addressed in undeniable terms with evidence of dates and topics of meetings relative to the current concerns between the NBEA and the administration. The members of NBEA need to be ensured that these have been taking place and that a dialogue is welcomed on both sides. It would also behoove the NBEA to release this information to the media to continue to garner public support. We as teachers spend much of our own money to help address our classroom needs; I for one would be willing to make a donation if necessary to purchase an advertisement if that is what is needed to get the truth out. Stay strong, Stay committed!


  5. i think the Harvard grads should take the proficiency tests and have their scores posted……nothing against Harvard, but fair is fair….we have to take these tests, so should they.


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