• On December 11, 2013, Nicholas Christ, President & CEO of BayCoast Bank said, “We support and have confidence in Superintendent Durkin.”
  • On December 16, 2013, Dr. Durkin  informed the public that she will replace at least 50% of the New Bedford High School Faculty.   Mayor Jon Mitchell and the entire School Committee blessed her decision.
  • Mr. Christ has the right to his opinion. 
  • We have the right not to do business with a bank that does not support our students and educators.
  • We encourage our members and friends to do the same.

8 thoughts on “NBEA will end its business relationship with BayCoast Bank

  1. I donate to the United Way and noticed that the President of UA also voted confidence in Dr. Durkin. I'm canceling my weekly donations. Can you make members aware of this fact?


  2. Cancelling my donations and advising EVERY PERSON I know that donates there to do the same. Also contacting family and friends to close their accounts at Bay Coast Bank. Not sure these clowns knew what they were in for!!!


  3. Let's take an average income level for the people who signed the advertisement and then compare it to the average annual income for New Bedford, which is under $30,000 not including the drug dealers…..Don't you know the rich and powerful always protect their own?


  4. I love this! Let's get the entire list published to the public and we can make all of the parents aware of these businesses. Any parents that might be on the list, oh well, stand up for us and your children, or you're going down, just like the others! WE WILL STAND AS ONE!


  5. Does this guy even live in New Bedford or have kids who attend our schools? I doubt it. I'm telling everyone I come in contact with to never do business with this bank.


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