23 thoughts on “Is this report card the worst in Massachusetts?

  1. If at the middle school level, times 110. Hey, we have the time seeing that we do no planning at all, or at least that what some believe.


  2. Does the middle school also hand mark each box? Many of us fill in well over 1,000 boxes. A hand written comment section is also included. Two stickers will need to be affixed as well. For the last 2 years, these stickers have arrived on report card day.


  3. Parents don't even know what it means. For 4th grade, there are 55 entries for first trimester. Multiply that by 31 students and that is 1,705 entries.


  4. This horrendous report card was discussed at one of the “education” mayor's forums and both teachers and parents said that this monstrosity needs to be done away with.


  5. ^We were led to believe that these forums were designed to gather information to improve our schools. Really? Well, nothing has changed as a result of those forums except that he got rid of Francis. Everything else that is bad is in place like freshmen academy, this stupid report card, and block scheduling.


  6. Horrible report cards, horrendous class sizes, lowest teacher morale ever, a school committee who is self centered and arrogant, a mayor who is useless, a superintendent who doesn't seem to care about anything except the 40%, and a target on every teachers back. Can it get any worse????


  7. This report card is part of her turnaround plan? Really? It is more like something she pulled out of her carpet bag as a hoax to enact change. How many languages does it come in again?


  8. I hate the scoring….whomever came up with that one…. 1,2,3, (no) 4s….Really?!! This scoring guide leaves no room for student improvement :/


  9. This is the worst report card and the worst school system. Since when are teachers suppose to be secretaries? Aren't they suppose to teach? I see more time spent on the paperwork than in the planning now. I am not a teacher but I am married to one and we barely have time to say hello anymore. All teachers had very little free time before with grading and planning, now lets add, testing, evaluating, analysis, ect, needless to say, family time is non-existent. I wonder if the divorce rate will go up among teachers…just saying!


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