The New Bedford School Committee will make their decision tonight at Keith Middle School.

“The School Committee made its decision,” said teachers union president Lou St. John. “New Bedford Educators is excited to work with Dr. Durkin. We welcome her to New Bedford and we look forward to working with her.”

8 thoughts on “Decision Day: Who will be the next Superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools?

  1. THE SUPERINTENDENT’S CONCLAVE… Rod Stewart once sang, “tonight’s the night.” After months of searching, the New Bedford School Committee will finally choose the district’s next superintendent.This whole process would have been a bit more fun if the School Committee borrowed a few pages from the Vatican’s play book.The high priests of the NBPS, the School Committee, could have gathered in the auditorium at the Paul Rodrigues Administration Building. Tight security procedures would be needed to keep out trolls (Jack Spillane) and other undesirables (Bob Unger, Phil Paleologos, Craig Dutra, et al).Two ballots could be cast each day until a candidate received the four votes. After each unsuccessful round of voting, an image of Marlene Pollock’s face would be projected over the city as a sign of distress. That is New Bedford’s own bat signal. When one person received a majority of the vote, white smoke would pour from the chimney at PRAB. The new superintendent would then make his or her first appearance on the front steps.In between the ballots, there would be much time for prayer and reflection. Marlene Pollock could bow before her Ho Chi Minh poster. Jackass Livramento might genuflect in front of his Mr. Potato Head statue. Mayor Mitchell would be looking in the mirror so he could worship his favorite being: himself.In all seriousness, we hope the School Committee chooses wisely. However, with Jackass and Marlene in the mix, all bets are off.


  2. My crystal ball is becoming clearer…I see praise, lots of praise. I see the rountable cheering and the Uia speaking in tongues. What is this? Something is beginning to materialize? I see a buyout check for $300,000.


  3. anyone of the three will probably tell the two troublemakers on the committee to start minding their business and stop steering bus contracts to their friends and politically lobbying for pet programs.


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