But at what cost?

6 thoughts on “Innovation Schools: If you build it they will come.

  1. Marlene pollock could care less about the cost of these schools. She must be dancing in the streets tonight. First, city on a hill and later, the innovation schools. Great job, marlene!


  2. Please clear out every member at the next election….and encourage Gomes school parents to OPT OUT of the new school…parents need to get involved in demanding the same things as the “innovative” school would have. Strengthen our neighborhood schools first before you say parents need a “choice”.


  3. The article in today's newspaper is a sad joke. Those 3 women are taking care of themselves at the expense of every child and teacher in the district. Jennifer Clune is even making herself the principal of the school and she isn't even certified. I guess that's a small detail that's not important to Marlene Pollock and her not so bright parrot.


  4. I read the standard times informertial for the innovation schools today. In my opinion it was as transparent and pathetic as the editor.


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