1.) Not a single proponent of Innovation Schools used the Public Comment time to press their agenda… Not. One.

2.) John Fletcher effectively gave notice that he could NOT support either proposal that is currently under consideration.

3.) Marlene Pollock spoke eloquently about her recent visits to schools in Chelsea and Boston.

3a.) Marlene Pollock did NOT speak eloquently about her recent visit to any New Bedford Public school.

(I won’t presume to speak for Ms. Pollock’s whereabouts since the beginning of this school year, so I’ll ask you…)

3b.) WHERE is Marlene HEADED..?

4 thoughts on “Interesting takeaways from this evening’s NB School Committee meeting – Bill Lacey

  1. Another interesting takeaway from this meeting. The group of teachers present to supposedly defend and support ALL students, stood up and walked out while Dr. Azar was addressing the ELL students, currently one of the most deprived group of students.


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