2 thoughts on “Support Public Employees

  1. Public employees should be respected for the jobs that they do.Private sector employees also work for a living. Over a life time they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in to social security and are lucky if they collect 2 thousand a month at age 66 after contributing to social security for 50 years. The majority of private sector companies do not have retirement benefits anymore. Some companies who partially contributed to the employee's 401K don't even do that anymore.Then there is the other rapidly increasing section of the population. They have barely worked, barely contributed to social security, are far less than 66 years old and get a social security disability check every month.


  2. All I can say to the former poster is, sorry to hear that your career in the private sector was not rewarded with more than that at the end of your hard work over the years. Perhaps there is a real need for unions in the private sector as well –to provide for the employees who have given their lives to their careers. And I agree that there are entirely too many people who are collecting disability these days. As an educator for NBPS, I must say that I have several students whose parents are BOTH listed as being on disability. The likelihood of this occurring in other surrounding towns (especially in the age ranges of 30-40 years old) is highly unlikely, and appears to be highly suspect. I could be wrong, but this is something that probably should be looked into by the proper authorities. That having been said, I take my hat off to those who work for the betterment of society, and to protect and serve their communities, providing support to those in need.


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