Monday through Thursday from 5:00-5:30 pm
Cable Access Channel 17

Start Date: Monday, April 30th
End Date: Thursday, June 14th

Target Audience: Pre K through College

Rebroadcast: 7:30 pm the same night and 7:30 am the following morning
Live Call in #: 508-979-1600
Answering Machine #: 508-979-1760

Email Questions To:

What is “Homework Helpers”?
An educational show on cable access to provide televised homework
assistance to all students
Monday through Thursday, 1/2 hour show from 5 – 5:30, while school is in session. If there is no school, there will be no program. The show will be taped and replayed later in the evening and the following morning. The show will feature 2 teachers each day. Students/Guardians can email questions prior to 4:30 pm for review during the program. Questions can be called in to the show at any time.

Rather than simply providing answers, staff will work to show students the process by which they can arrive at the answer, grouping questions together as necessary. Staff will be familiar with the curriculum maps so, should there be a lull, they can do a review of relevant material.

“Homework Helpers is Sponsored in part by our community partner-Bank of America”

One thought on “New Bedford Public Schools Announces the “HOMEWORK HELPERS” Cable T.V. Show

  1. This show is a great idea. However, it needs a permanent host that can actually talk to kids. The panelists are knowledgeable, but they can't hold an audience. The format is BORING! A host that can provide some lighter touches is what's missing.


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